Natural fur can be very delicate and needs a bit more consideration when cleaning compared to other materials.

Using washing machines and dryers is absolutely out of question. If a bit of water was spilled on it simply shake it out and remove as much water as possible. Hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Do not use a hair dryer, clothes dryer or any direct heat on the fur. After it is dry, shake again to fluff the fur and smooth the fur with your hand.

If fur gets completely soaked with water or has any stains, you should take it to a professional fur cleaner. Even if you avoid stains and don’t use the throw often, animal fur gathers dust, oils and odors. Regular professional cleaning will add luster and shine to the fur and keep it from becoming matted.

Do not store your throw in a cedar closet or chest. The oils can harm the fur. Avoid insecticides, moth-proofing, and other chemicals around on your fur; this includes perfume, hairspray and makeup. Any scent or odours applied to it can stay forever.

Fur hates heat. It is not the actual hair that is affected, it is the hide or leather that can dry out, become stiff and crack. Keep the furs in the coolest closet possible and always in the dark. These conditions are the best and prevent bleaching and fading of the color.